Boiled Wool Scarf

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The consideration in the design of these small batch scarves took great thought, care, and time. I did not want to rush this process. I wanted to ensure the fabric was high quality, versatile with styling outfits, and would be an absolute staple in your wardrobe. I am very particular when it comes to the design of products. I always found scarves to be too wide and never long enough. I wanted to design an extra long scarf, adding fluidity in the irregular edges, to create a more dramatic statement with whatever outfit you chose to style that day. With the flexibility to wrap it once, twice, or three times given the weather, and styling choice. The colourway chosen for this collection was very intentional. I wanted to choose colors that would impact how yourself, and others felt when seeing this scarf. Intending to welcome feelings of joy, happiness, and being grounded in your natural human ways. 

Stay Cozy,




Blue: 129” X 15”
Yellow: 143” X 15” W
Rust: 78.5” X 22.5”W
Green (large): 119” X 15”
Green (small): 14” W
Red (large): 135” X 14”
Red (small): 129” X 14” W